Pune RTO acts on 129 buses in 15 days.

In the last 15 days, the Pune Regional Transport Office (RTO) has taken action against 129 private bus owners and drivers who were found charging excessive fares from passengers traveling outside the city during the Diwali season. Special flying squads were deployed by Pune RTO to address this issue and take necessary action against those violating fare rules.

The RTO revealed that flying squads inspected private tourist buses and other vehicles carrying passengers during the festive period. A total of 129 vehicles overcharging passengers were identified, following which punitive action was taken by the RTO. Between November 1 and 16, the RTO collected a fine of Rs 861600 from the operators concerned. To facilitate complaints from passengers about unfair fares, the Pune RTO had set up a WhatsApp number and 37 passengers lodged complaints in the last 15 days. Later, strict action was taken against the bus operators concerned.

Pune regional transport officer Sanjeev Bhor said, A special drive was launched to ensure that private bus operators do not charge arbitrary fares from passengers going out of the city during Diwali. Under this campaign, action has been taken against vehicles violating the rules of the Motor Vehicles Act. The campaign will continue to stop private bus drivers from charging excess fare from passengers.

Kedar Mhargaje, secretary of the Pune District Private Tourist Bus Association, admitted that ticket fares are increased during Diwali to increase income, but this should be done as per the rules of the state government. He expressed support for the RTO's action against bus operators charging arbitrary fares at the last minute while stressing on the importance of following the rules.

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