Pune commuters frustrated with PMPML services.

Passengers who depend on PMPML buses for their daily commute are expressing dissatisfaction over the conduct of drivers and persistent issues related to bus services. Activists and passengers have reported incidents of buses not stopping at designated locations, ignoring waiting passengers, and stopping rapidly without allowing them to board or disembark. These actions force many commuters to seek alternative modes of transportation such as auto-rickshaws or private vehicles. Despite efforts to bring the matter to the attention of the PMPML administration, complaints often go unheeded, with many reporting harassment of those filing complaints, preventing them from speaking out. Senior citizens like Mohanrao Salunkhe highlight the lack of improvement in the conduct of drivers despite numerous complaints.

Apart from driver behaviour, the absence of clear signage and designated stopping points at temporary yellow stops also creates challenges. Narrow roads or insufficient space in some areas contribute to this problem, causing confusion among passengers as to where the bus will stop. More than a thousand complaints related to various issues like punctuality, driver indiscipline, pass related problems and deliberately harassing senior passengers have been lodged with the PMPML administration. Passengers express frustration as little or no attention is paid to their complaints by the authorities.

The frustration among passengers demands immediate attention and concrete action to resolve the recurring problems affecting PMP bus services. While a PMPML driver insists that elderly passengers are treated respectfully, passengers constantly demand clarity on solutions to problems. PMP spokesperson Satish Ghate assured that the administration is collecting details about the requests and stressed that there is no intention to harass passengers. Nitin Narvekar, joint managing director of PMPML, urges passengers who have such experiences to contact them directly, providing details about bus routes, timings and location of incidents while filing a written complaint for prompt action.

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