Private bus operators seek fixed fares from RTO for festive season.

Private bus operators in Pune are planning to hold a meeting with Pune Regional Transport Office (RTO) officials to address the issue of ticket prices during the festive season. Their goal is to self-regulate fares to prevent frequent incidents of overcharging.

Rajan Junavane, president of Pune District Bus and Car Association, highlighted the annual trend of increase in bus fares during festivals. While the RTO issues circulars and conducts random checks to deal with overcharging, allegations of overcharging for tickets by some transporters persist. To deal with this issue, operators want to proactively announce and regulate rates after discussions with RTO officials.

Under rules set by the transport department, private bus operators are allowed to increase ticket prices by up to 50% compared to the fares of state transport buses plying the same route and to the same destination during the festival season.

Balasaheb Khedekar, president of Pune District Luxury Bus Association, revealed that they have approached the RTO to request legally defined fares for all routes departing from Pune during the festive season. He has also requested the RTO to provide the list of these fares before Diwali. The plan is to share this list with all transporters who will have to adhere to these prices. Those who do not comply will be removed from the association.

Some bus operators, especially those running long-distance routes to Pune, said interstate buses coming to the city need better monitoring, as some engage in overcharging, especially when they charge their passengers for their return journeys. But let's leave it. Charge from. The target was not achieved.

An RTO official expressed willingness to launch an anti-overcharging campaign and indicated that he was willing to consider the proposal if associations of bus operators approached him regarding fare announcements.

The transport department has also set up a helpline number and an email address for passengers to report cases of overcharging.

However, passengers expressed disappointment over the complaint process, saying that people are often in a hurry and do not have time to lodge complaints. He called upon the RTOs to conduct joint operations with the police to effectively deal with the issue.

These discussions are arising as many passengers have faced huge hike in fares during the festive season, making last minute travel very expensive and leaving passengers with limited options to deal with the high prices.

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