PMPML compelled to operate 350 old buses, leading to breakdown increase.

Pune: The Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamandal Limited (PMPML) is operating 350 buses that are over their expected operational age for more than a year due to shortage of new buses. In view of the significant increase in breakdown of buses, the officials said that they had no option but to continue using these old buses as new vehicles were not expected to join the fleet in the near future.

A senior official of the transport body told TOI, These buses have crossed their prescribed lifespan, yet we are using them for more than a year. These buses are owned by PMPML.

Out of the total fleet, 981 buses are owned by the transport utility, while 1,098 buses are managed by private contractors. As per PMPML rules, buses that have completed 10 years of service or covered a distance of 7 lakh kms will have to be decommissioned.

CMD of Transport Organization Sachindra Pratap Singh said that a meeting was held on last Monday to discuss the purchase of new buses. We can provide more details once our proposal is approved by the board of directors. The meeting is due soon, he added.

Another official said that it will take time to get new buses. We are going to request the concerned authorities to expedite the provision of 350 new buses. However, the process will take time till approval is received from the board of directors. Even after approval, it will take about 4 to 6 months for new buses to arrive. Our focus is on inducting new CNG buses in the fleet.

A total of 1,544 buses broke down between January and July this year. There were 1,283 incidents of breakdowns in July alone. The average daily breakdown in August has been 35, while it was 45 in July. The number of breakdowns continues to be high, the official stressed.

By June next year, there would be a need to run 250 buses under private contractors. While we are expecting 190 electric buses by the end of this year, it will not be enough. Another official said, If we stop using old buses, the fleet size will come down, which will reduce the number of passengers.

A note said, At this juncture PMPML needs direct state government funding. This will yield quick results as the organization will not have to constantly seek funds from both the corporations. A large number of breakdowns have tarnished the reputation of the transport body tarnished, Tarnished This happens. The name of the passenger is Abhay Malalkar.

Pune RTO officials said that these buses can continue to run as long as they have a fitness certificate. An RTO official said, The policy for scrapping commercial vehicles has not been finalized yet. We conduct a thorough inspection of vehicles before issuing fitness certificates.

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