For the first time in Gujarat, ten people's driving licences have been permanently cancelled; learn more about the situation.

The government has made a significant decision in the Surat driving license scam. The licenses of ten people who obtained license at the same time have been permanently cancelled. This is the first time in the state that ten people's driving privileges have been permanently terminated. These ten people can no longer even create a new license.

Scandal in Surat RTO

This entire situation is a Surat RTO fraud. RTO agents gave permits to ten people at the same time. These licenses were given to people who had no idea how to drive. Without taking the Regional Transport Office (RTO) driving exam, the license was immediately cancelled. Earlier in the case, three agents and an RTO inspector were arrested.

Licenses of 10 people were revoked permanently

For the first time in the state's history, the license has been permanently revoked. Vehicle owners will no longer be able to obtain a driver's license from any of the state's RTOs. Surat RTO has informed all ten people that their licenses have been suspended in accordance with the Commissioner of Transport's decision.

These people were arrested in the license scam

Three RTO agents and an inspector were detained in connection with a scam involving ten people who were awarded driving licenses at the same time by using flaws in the RTO's process for awarding licenses.

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