One of the final Tata Sumo MUVs manufactured in India

The Tata Sumo holds a special place in many people's memories, although unfortunately it has been discontinued. This iconic model, which was one of the most successful offerings from Tata Motors, is still fondly remembered today. Recently, we came across a video detailing the last Tata Sumo available in the country. The video shows the inside and outside of the Tata Sumo Gold, highlighting its key specifications.

The tata sumo gold MPV has been shared by Namaste Car on its channel on YouTube. It begins with the presenter showing the front of the car and explaining that the Sumo Gold is the second generation model of the car. The first generation of this iconic MPV was introduced in 1994. Although not explicitly mentioned in the video, the model has been discontinued with its production ending in 2019 due to stricter emissions regulations and declining sales. The presenter told that the price of the model ranges from Rs 7.50 lakh to Rs 9 lakh.

After this introduction, the presenter takes a closer look at the front of the model and describes its simple and boxy design. It points towards the front grille with gold emblems and highlights the halogen headlamps. He emphasizes that it was one of the first SUVs in India and gained popularity in rural areas due to its robust nature, durability and reliability. Additionally, he mentioned that it was one of the first four-wheel-drive SUVs in the country and was used extensively by the Indian Army.

Moving on to the side profile of the vehicle, the presenter shares its dimensions, which include a length of around 4.2 metres, a height of around 2 metres, and a ground clearance of around 182 mm. It rides on 15-inch steel wheels and is mentioned to have a front disc brake and rear drum brake. Interestingly, it has been shared that the name Sumo originates not from Japanese sumo wrestlers, but from Tata Motors MD Sumant Mulgaonkar. The video ends with a view of the rear of the car.

The presenter then explains that the car was built on a ladder-on-frame chassis similar to the highly popular Tata SUV, the Safari. This highlights the suspension system of the Sumo Gold, which includes a double wishbone setup at the front and parabolic leaf spring suspension at the rear.

Inside the car, the presenter opens the rear door, revealing 527 liters of boot space, and moves towards the middle row. He said the interior is relatively basic, with cloth-covered seats and a limited feature list. However, the model comes with air conditioning, and the top-end variant includes vents in the middle row, provided by overhead blowers. The presenter then presents the center console, dashboard and steering wheel.

Finally, the presenter lifts the bonnet to reveal the Sumo Gold's engine. It is powered by an in-line four-cylinder 3000cc turbocharged intercooled diesel engine that is capable of producing 85 PS of power and 250 Nm of torque, he added. They say it has a top speed of 140 kmph, a 65-litre fuel tank and a fuel efficiency of 15 kmpl.

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