On October 1, CNG pumps in rural areas will be closed.

PUNE: According to representatives of the Petrol Dealers Association, Pune, about 30 CNG stations in rural regions of Pune would be closed on October 1.

Torrent Gas owns and operates about 30 CNG stations in Pune's rural districts in addition to the MNGL's CNG stations. We have chosen to maintain the closure of these CNG stations. The trade dealer margin had been raised by the petroleum ministry the previous year. The MNGL amended the dealer margins in July of this year in accordance with the ministry's circular. However, despite several letters being addressed to them, Torrent Gas has failed to comply, according to a member of the association's working committee.

These CNG filling stations are mostly found beside highways. "The stations are situated on the highways connecting Pune with Satara, Ahmednagar, Solapur, etc. We are letting the public know well in advance so that they won't have any issues when using these routes on the specified day, according to a different committee representative."

Despite the company's lack of remarks, insiders said that the issue will be resolved quickly.

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