Ola Electric Unveils MoveOS 4: Elevating the Electric Scooter Experience

Ola Electric has initiated the rollout of the beta version of the MoveOS 4 software update to its customers, marking a significant development for the Bengaluru-based electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer. The company had earlier announced its plans to introduce these new software updates for its electric scooters, with the deployment process commencing on September 15. Several new features are expected to be included in MoveOS 4, and a glimpse of these enhancements has already been shared by users on social media platforms.

The official launch of the MoveOS 4 software update is anticipated to occur sometime in the coming month.

Among the key highlights revealed through images and videos of MoveOS 4 is the Ola Maps navigation feature. Ola Electric is set to provide its customers with an integrated navigation solution, which will run alongside the existing MapMyIndia navigation tool. Ola Electric asserts that Ola Maps will offer robust competition to Google Maps, the widely used navigation application in vehicles. The Ola Maps feature encompasses essential elements such as detailed information about nearby locations, estimated arrival times, alternative route suggestions, and more.

Ola Electric's introduction of Ola Maps came about as a result of the company's acquisition of GeoSpoc, a specialized geo-analytics solutions provider known for its location-based offerings. Ola Maps leverages satellite imagery and real-time data feeds from its on-ground network to provide a comprehensive navigation experience.

In addition to Ola Maps, the MoveOS 4 software update is set to introduce a range of other innovative features. These include Advanced Scooter Control, Rider Temperature Detection, Hill Descent Control, Concert Mode, and an alert system to notify authorities if a rider falls off the vehicle. The update will also incorporate biometric app lock functionality, requiring users to utilize facial recognition or fingerprint authentication to access the application. Further enhancements encompass application widgets, cruise control for the Eco riding mode, and a host of additional features.

Electric scooters equipped with MoveOS 4 software will also benefit from features such as personalized proximity settings, automatic turn indicator deactivation, new trip meters, headphone controls for music and calls, take-me-home lights, and quick access to favorite contacts. The MoveOS 4 app will receive a refreshed appearance, complete with a Dark Mode option, multiple levels of vehicle regeneration control, call settings, and a convenient vacation mode.

As Ola Electric continues to enhance the capabilities of its electric scooters through MoveOS 4, customers can anticipate a richer and more user-friendly riding experience, with advanced navigation, safety features, and enhanced customization options.

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