November's top 5 EV two-wheeler brands include: Ola surpasses others and sets a new record.

In India, the market for electric two-wheelers had its greatest month ever in October. Due to the holiday rush, EV two-wheeler makers sold more than 75,000 units last month, approximately 30% more than they did during the same period the previous year. Additionally, it surpasses the September sales figure, which up until October was the biggest ever. Ola Electric and Okinawa Autotech were at the forefront of the spike in EV two-wheeler sales last month. Here are the top five electric two-wheeler brands in India according to sales in October.

Ola Electric

As India's top maker of electric two-wheelers, Ola Electric has recovered. Ola topped the list in October for the second month in a row. The S1 and S1 Pro electric scooters from the Tamil Nadu-based EV manufacturer claim to have sold 20,000 units, a record for the business since the models were introduced in August 2021. However, the Vahan portal states that Ola only sold 15,065 copies. In either case, Ola continues to dominate the EV two-wheeler market by a wide margin.

Okinawa Autotech

Okinawa, an EV manufacturer located in Rajasthan, also saw its biggest monthly sales in October. The business reported selling 17,531 units in the previous month. "The consumer attitude has been improving post-pandemic and we are optimistic to continue forward this sales momentum in the next months," said Jeetender Sharma, MD, and Founder of Okinawa Autotech, in an attempt to explain the spike in sales.


Greaves Cotton's Ampere Electric Two-Wheeler Manufacturing Company finished October as the third-largest EV manufacturer. In the past month, the firm sold 9,173 electric scooters.

Hero Electric

Sales for Hero Electric increased slightly in October compared to September. In contrast to the 8,018 units sold in September, Hero Electric sold 8,348 units in October.

Ather Energy

When compared to the same month last year, October sales for Ather Energy increased by a factor of two. With the delivery of 8213 450X and other EVs, Ather saw a remarkable year-over-year rise of 122%. On Diwali, Ather distributed 250 Ather 450X devices in Bengaluru in a single day.

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