"No helmet, No fuel" Order is destroyed at the fuel pumps.

Bhopal: When the The Times of India (TOI) team visited the gas stations on Tuesday, they discovered that none of them were adhering to the rule that riders of two-wheelers without helmets were not to be given gas. The employees at the gas stations informed TOI that they had not yet received the order and would comply if they did.

However, they said that it would be impossible for them to effectively carry out such a mandate and that the district administration or police should do it instead.

On Tuesday in the late afternoon, Team TOI went to the Police Welfare Petrol Pump run by the 7th Battalion in front of Lal Parade Ground. Many two-wheeler drivers were refueling their cars at the gas station while not wearing helmets. Without even informing the consumers of the helmet order, the staff was supplying them.

Inspector Pradeep Pandey, who is in charge of the gas station, was asked about supplying helmetless cyclists, and he said that they had not yet gotten the directive from the Police Training and Research Institute (PTRI). They will carry out the instructions if given when given the command.

According to the Motor Vehicle Rules, helmet use is required for two-wheeler drivers and pillion passengers, according to Inspector Pandey. For their own safety, they should adhere to the road laws.

Petrol stations in the MP Nagar and Ratibad regions were found to be in similar circumstances. The sales manager at Pragati Petrol Pump in MP Nagar, where two-wheeler riders were refueling their vehicles, responded in the same way that they had not received any such order and that they would abide with any instructions whenever they were received.

The order hasn't arrived yet, but whenever it does, according to Ajay Singh, head of the Bhopal Petrol Pumps Association, they will abide by it since it is required for safety reasons. He continued by saying that carrying out such an instruction presents a number of practical challenges for the fuel station workers.

People dispute with the personnel at the gas stations if they refuse to refill in the absence of helmets. We had previously carried out such an order and encountered several issues. Administrative officials provide such directives, which we are required to abide by. However, it is up to the authorities and police to make sure the rule is followed. A individual that visits gas stations to refuel is referred to as our customer. To carry out such a directive, we must overcome several obstacles, he stated.

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