There is no longer a need to visit the RTO to renew a licence from now available online in Mumbai.

From today, licence renewals, address changes, and a few other services in Maharashtra will be available digitally. Citizens will no longer be required to attend RTO offices for secondary registration certificates, no objection certificates, change of address on registration certificates, renewal of driving licences, change of address on licences, or even licence renewal. The services were launched at the RTO headquarters in Mumbai by Transport Minister Anil Parab and Transport Commissioner Avinash Dhakne. The applicant must have an Aadhar number linked to her or his mobile number in order to use the digital platform's services, according to Parab.

Satej Patil, Minister of State for Transport, Home, and Information Technology, stated that the candidate must enrol using his Aadhar number and an OTP given to his registered mobile number. The application will be processed only after all other personal information about the applicant has been verified by the Aadhar portal.

The six vital services will be made available online once the applicant's personal details, such as name, address, date of birth, and mobile number, have been validated. Applicants will not be required to visit RTOs for the same. They can complete the online application from the comfort of their own homes, saving valuable time. The applicant will receive their licences or registration certificates in the mail. He claims that not only would this save valuable paper, but it will also save time because there will be no need to make copies of the documents. The digital platform would assist in reducing the amount of paper necessary for the 18 to 20 lakh applications that are submitted each year. According to Patil, the use of paper will be reduced to zero, bringing with it transparency, speed, and an environmentally friendly interface.

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