The RTO Driving Test is no longer necessary to obtain a driver's Licence.

According to the most recent development, obtaining a licence will no longer require passing a driving test. The days of standing in line for hours at the Regional Transport Office (RTO) are long gone. People wanted to do away with the process because it was always unpleasant and irritating. Finally, the Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has released new regulations that establish a new mechanism for evaluating your eligibility for a driving licence. Read the information regarding this special measure.

Now No Driving Test Needed To Get Driving Licence

This legislation states that after a predetermined procedure has been followed, the driving school will have the option of applying in lieu of the applicants. The candidates must finish 29 hours of instruction with an accredited driving school. This entails 21 hours of driving, which includes time spent on highways, back roads, at night, in various weather situations, uphill and downhill driving, etc. This would equip the applicant to handle any driving situation that is typically seen on the roadways.

The theoretical portion of the 8 hours of training will be covered. This would include topics like understanding the causes of traffic accidents, driving safely, controlling your temper on the road, knowing how to administer first aid, etc. The driving school will need to submit the applicant's application for the licence once all of these requirements have been satisfied. Candidates won't have to wait in line if their documents are in order because they will receive their driving licence immediately. Numerous folks are greatly relieved by this.

Additionally, since the majority of people receive informal training from their fathers or friends, it would be ideal to standardise the driving instruction. In this method, a driving school certificate will guarantee that the applicant has completed the necessary training and that his driving abilities are sufficient to qualify as a valid driver. Keep in mind that the driving school's instructor must also possess at least a high school diploma, five years of driving experience, and a basic knowledge of traffic laws. As a result, you will need to take instruction from experts. What do you think of the new legislation?

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