What Is the Subject of Nitin Gadkari's Rajya Sabha Speech on GPS-based Toll Collection? Check Specifics

Nitin Gadkari, the union minister of transport, revealed on Wednesday, August 3 that the government is looking at new technologies, including GPS-based toll systems, to replace toll plazas across the nation in an effort to address problems including traffic jams and lengthy lines caused by toll plazas. But how will this system function?

The GPS-based toll collecting system will operate as follows:

According to this concept, the moment a GPS-enabled vehicle joins a highway or expressway, the system installed there will monitor it and, based on the distance it goes, the system will automatically deduct the toll fee at the departure point. All car owners must have GPS installed in their vehicles in order to use this system, and they must also register their personal information, including name, address, vehicle type, registration number, and bank information. It's unclear if the toll payment will be taken straight out of a bank account or through a unique online wallet created for this scheme.

Nitin Gadkari said, "Will provide new technologies in six months."

On August 3, Gadkari spoke before the Rajya Sabha and said, "In order to use GPS in place of FASTag while utilizing satellite technology, we are now imposing a toll. There is good technology accessible in India, and technology is also present on the licence plate." He continued by saying that in order to achieve this, a bill to alter the motor vehicle legislation must be introduced in Parliament because there is now no law in place to punish anyone who refuses to pay the toll.

He said that they were choosing the best technology for toll collecting and that they would also submit significant legislation to Parliament. When questioned about the implementation date for the new toll collecting system, As it is urgently needed, I will make every effort to complete it within six months. This is crucial for the nation's citizens and to solve the traffic issue, The Union Minister of Transport told.

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