Win Rs.500 by clicking on parking offenders,Nitin Gadkari has a unique strategy.

Nitin Gadkari is considering enacting a new rule under which anyone who snaps and takes a photo of an illegally parked vehicle anywhere in the country could receive a cash prize. The Union Minister for Transport and Highways, speaking at an event in Delhi, stated that the goal is to reduce cases of incorrect parking.

I-Ilegal parking is a serious traffic issue in Indian cities and towns, causing not only discomfort to fellow vehicles but also pedestrians. In congested areas and on busy highways, traffic jams are frequently caused by a motorist's irresponsibility in parking a vehicle incorrectly or where it is otherwise prohibited. People frequently park vehicles on the road rather than in allocated parking areas, according to Gadkari. I intend to introduce legislation that will reward a person who sends images of a car that has been improperly parked with a ₹500 prize if the violator is fined ₹1,000. He claims that this will assist in resolving the parking issue.

Gadkari is well-liked for his unconventional viewpoints and is regarded as a capable administrator, with whom the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, has made significant progress. From his ambitious intentions to introduce flex-fuel engines to his ideas on making airbags required in all passenger vehicles, Gadkari has rarely held back, often relying on hilarious tales and analogies to get his point through.

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