The NHAI has issued a warning to businesses that are obstructing highway expansion construction.

Many infrastructure upgrades have been done on the 'Deadly Stretch' between the new Katraj tunnel and Navale bridge chowk, including the installation of new rumblers, Closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras, and street lights. While the Pune district collector examined the dangerous section near the Navale bridge chowk, National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) Pune authorities have now issued notifications to various enterprises on the highway that are impeding highway road construction work.

In addition, the NHAI has proposed relocating the Narhe crematorium, which is located right next to the highway, where most accidents occur.

We have served notifications on various enterprises on the bypass highway that are incorrectly designated in the Pune Municipal Corporation's (PMC) Development Plan (DP), and some of them are unlawful structures. These must be removed off the highway since they are impeding road expansion work and, in certain cases, pose an accident risk On the condition of anonymity, one of the NHAI's top officials stated.

On February 24, Pune district collector Rajesh Deshmukh visited the 'Deadly Stretch' between the new Katraj tunnel and the Navale bridge and observed the ongoing NHAI and PMC activities.

According to the police department, the section between the Katraj new tunnel and Navale Bridge chowk has experienced over 70 fatal accidents between 2014 and 2022 January, with human error accounting for half of them.

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