New Ola S1 Air Electric Scooter Breaks Down After 125 Kms

Ola aimed to make electric scooter ownership more budget-friendly with the launch of the S1 Air earlier this year. This stripped-down version generated considerable buzz, although it has left some new customers dissatisfied with its reliability. Here are some examples where Ola S1 Air owners have expressed their disappointment:

The first incident happened in Kerala, where a disappointed owner of the S1 Air shared his experience with the unreliable scooter. He told that the scooter broke down after traveling 125 kilometers. This happened when he parked the scooter while returning from a ride and it suddenly became inoperative. After filing the complaint, Ola Customer Care took custody of the scooter on October 2 and returned it to the owner after 12 days, resolving the issue.

However, the problem persisted. The scooter did not start even after returning it from the service center and the owner recorded a video right in front of the tow vehicle to highlight the issue. The owner said that other customers of Ola S1 Air are also expressing dissatisfaction with the product and service.

Another example involves an Ola S1 Air owner who got his scooter repaired by Ola after initial troubles. However, his scooter suddenly accelerated and caused a significant accident. Fortunately, the owner was wearing a helmet and escaped serious injury. The speed of the scooter went out of control and collided with an electric pole. Many other Ola S1 Air owners have shared their concerns and issues. One owner said his scooter's electric motor had to be replaced just 10 days after purchase. Although we cannot independently verify these claims, discussion of similar concerns and issues is increasing on various social media platforms.

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