New-gen Apple CarPlay will be able to display information on several screens.

The next-generation CarPlay isn't expected to arrive until later this year, but it's set to revolutionise in-car infotainment and connection. CarPlay is currently available in a wide range of vehicles, from entry-level models like the Renault Kwid to flagship luxury sedans like the BMW 7 Series.

What features will the next-generation Apple CarPlay include?

The ability to interface with all digital displays in a car, rather than simply the infotainment system, will be the core focus of the next edition of Apple CarPlay. Furthermore, CarPlay will be able to access considerably more of a vehicle's data, including as tachometer readings, speed, engine temperatures, fuel level, tyre pressures, and much more. This data will subsequently be shown on a digital instrument cluster. Apple also intends to allow users to alter climate controls and other in-car functions directly from CarPlay, eliminating the need for them to quit the software once it has been launched.

Apple CarPlay 2.0 supports several screen sizes.

Customization is another area Apple wants to improve for the next-generation CarPlay, as it will allow for a wide range of layouts for the digital dials (including traditional dials, modern dials, and even minimalist dials), as well as the ability to add and remove widgets from the infotainment screen, similar to how you can on a smartphone. The tech giant has also taken into account that different car models have varying screen sizes, so it has designed the new CarPlay to conform to whatever screen dimensions it is displayed on, making it appear to be custom-made for that display.

While it will take time for Apple to implement all of the planned features for the new-generation CarPlay in every single model on the market, it has already begun working with carmakers such as Audi, BMW, Honda, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Renault, and Volvo to get it operational with a wide range of vehicles.

What is the most recent Android Auto news?

While we're on the subject of in-car infotainment software, we should include Android Auto. Google has been regularly improving the software over the years to ensure that it works well with all of the infotainment systems that are available.

Google upgraded Android Auto earlier this year, including universal split-screen capability, additional Google Assistant functions, and improved messaging compatibility. Google also recently stated that it will discontinue the Android Auto smartphone app, which allowed customers to utilise their smartphone's screen to show the basic Android Auto navigation and entertainment screens. The precise timing for phasing it out has yet to be disclosed.

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