Navi Mumbai RTO Takes Action Against 3000 Helmetless Bikers.

In a period of six months from April to September, the Navi Mumbai Regional Transport Office (RTO) has taken strict action against over 2,000 motorcyclists who were found riding bikes without helmets. In response, licenses of 1,076 people have been suspended.

Navi Mumbai city has seen a significant increase in the number of vehicles. Unfortunately, along with this growth there has also been an increase in traffic rule violations. As a result, road accidents are on the rise, a large proportion of which involve two-wheelers, and a large number of deaths have occurred due to riders not wearing helmets. Understanding this worrying issue, the Supreme Court has made wearing helmet mandatory, but it seems that many motorcyclists are disregarding this order.

To deal with this growing problem, strict action has been initiated against those violating helmet rules in Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai. Offenders face not only fines but also possible license suspension. Navi Mumbai RTO has stepped up its efforts to enforce this rule and inspected a total of 3,938 vehicles between April and September. Within this period, 2,371 riders on two-wheelers were caught riding without helmets. The authorities have taken punitive action against these violators and collected a fine of Rs 11.45 lakh. The RTO has reported that as a result of these actions, the licenses of 1,076 individuals have been temporarily suspended.

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