Navi Mumbai RTO issues rate cards to prevent high fares.

The Navi Mumbai Sub Regional Transport Office (RTO) has taken steps to address the problem of some private bus operators not adhering to the specified fares, especially during the Ganeshotsav season when ticket prices for passengers heading towards the Konkan region. Increases. increases. increases. Navi Mumbai Deputy RTO has introduced a rate card giving fare details for 21 routes from Vashi to Konkan regions. Bus operators have been strongly warned against charging more fares than specified, and passengers have been encouraged to report any incidents of overcharging.

Many travelers traveling to the Konkan region prefer train travel due to the poor condition of the Mumbai-Goa highway. However, train reservations often fill up quickly, leaving buses as the only option for many. Bus operators have taken advantage of this situation by charging exorbitant fares, which is a matter of concern for passengers.

To rectify this problem, Navi Mumbai Deputy RTO has intervened by setting fixed fares for these routes with the aim of protecting passengers from exploitation. Navi Mumbai deputy RTO Hemangini Patil said they have received complaints of overcharging passengers during the Ganeshotsav season and strict action will be taken against bus operators failing to adhere to the prescribed fares.

Navi Mumbai RTO is actively monitoring the situation at bus stops to ensure compliance. Although they have not encountered any cases of overcharging so far, they remain cautious as the season approaches. Bus operators have been made aware of the specified fares, and most of them are following the rules, although there may be some exceptions. The goal is to implement fair pricing and provide relief to travelers during this busy travel season.


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