The Nashik RTO collects a Rs 4 crore fine from overloaded automobiles.

"The fee was recovered from 1,835 motorists who were found to have overloaded cars", said Nashik Regional Transport Office (RTO) Pradeep Shinde. The fight against overloaded cars will continue in the future, because drivers who overburden their vehicles not only endanger their own lives and the lives of other road users, but also harm the road.

A huge percentage of carriers overload vehicles with stuff that exceeds the allowable limitations. It is a win-win situation for the individual renting the truck, the industry employing the vehicle, and the transporter because the latter earns more money while the person hiring the truck saves money on hiring another truck.

Overload trucks, on the other hand, not only harm the roads, but their drivers are also unable to manage the vehicles in ghat parts.

A considerable number of accidents occur on the highway, particularly in ghat areas, where truckers hauling big loads are unable to manage their vehicles.

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