MVD will suspend 20 students' licences for performing a risky automobile stunt.

20 students recently engaged in a risky automotive stunt at the Markaz College of Arts and Science in Karanthur as a way for football supporters to celebrate. The Motor Vehicles Department (MVD) has taken action to suspend their driving privileges. The accused pupils who participated in the performance last week on motorbikes and four-wheelers have already received show-cause letters.

According to MVD authorities, each of them has been fined 6,000. There are also plans for more legal proceedings. They claimed that a total fine of Rs 1.20 lakh had been collected from the show's participants.

Without the permission of the college administration, the students hosted the show. They intended to utilise amateur motorcyclists to commemorate the ongoing World Cup of football. To garner attention, the athletes also brought flags from several nations.

On the campus grounds for the display, there were nine automobiles and ten motorcycles. Using images from closed-circuit video cameras, the automobiles were located. When the kids were discovered operating the cars recklessly with the doors open, action was taken. A few had even travelled inside the vehicles' trunks.

Two of the kids, according to MVD sources, even fell over while watching the performance. A few locals who were there and saw it, they claimed, helped gather the information.

Vehicles seized:

It was the third such incident in the district where kids defied safety regulations by doing risky acts on campus. The MVD had conducted a special inspecting drive to uncover automobiles that had been mechanically changed. During the flash inspections that were conducted on certain campuses and at other schools, several modified cars had also been seized.

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