At Tardeo RTO, a two-wheeler simulator has been erected to teach prospective drivers.

Speaking at the event, state transport commissioner Avinash Dhakane stated that due to the increasing volume of two-wheeler licence applications, they will look into the potential of supplying two-wheeler simulators to other RTO offices in the state. Two simulators are already available at the RTO in Tardeo for drivers learning to operate four-wheel vehicles. An NGO called United Way Mumbai (UWM) constructed the simulator as part of its Two Wheels One Life road safety campaign.

According to an examination of traffic accident statistics done in 2021, 350 persons perished in traffic accidents in Mumbai, of which 166 (or 50%) were riding two-wheelers, according to Bharat Kalaskar, a regional transport officer at Tardeo RTO. According to Kalaskar, we need to focus on two-wheelers, especially pillions riders, which is why we made helmets required for them. Two-wheeler riders make up 46% of the fatalities in traffic accidents in India, making them particularly vulnerable on the road. Additionally, according to George Aikara, CEO of UWM, there are not enough facilities in the nation for two-wheeler riders to receive professional training.

The training facility where the two-wheeler simulator is located, according to UWM, accurately assesses applicants' driving skills, familiarity with traffic laws, and awareness of pedestrian safety. According to RTO data, there were 42.85 lakh vehicles in Mumbai as of March 31, 2022, with 25.41 lakh of those being two-wheelers, 12.45 lakh being four-wheelers, and 2.33 lakh being autorickshaws. Vice President of UWM Ajay Govale stated that the NGO will also station qualified trainers at the RTO office to guarantee that candidates are properly trained and have passed the simulator test before receiving their licences. The NGO also intends to set up a two-wheeler simulator at each of the RTOs in Thane and Andheri.

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