Moto Morini updates 650cc range for 2024, eyes India launch.

Moto Morini, a recently introduced brand in India that comes in the same vein as Jontes, Benelli and Kiwi, has unveiled its 2024 edition.

The most significant update on these 650cc motorcycles is the introduction of the new full-colour instrument cluster. The 2024 X-Cape 650 now has a seven-inch display, while the Semzo range comes with a five-inch unit. These instrument clusters are integrated with a navigation system, which Moto Morini claims is based on WiFi mirroring. This enhancement improves the brightness and visibility of the display. Additionally, it offers various display layouts, including a satellite view of the map with traffic alerts. The system also features auto, day and night modes for further customization.

To enhance safety, the rider can enter the address through the MotoFun app on his smartphone only when the motorcycle is completely stationary. Additionally, the update allows connecting to an intercom to stream music and receive audio directions.

Notably, these updated instrument clusters will come as standard on the 2024 model. It remains to be seen whether the brand will offer this retrofit option in India or not.

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