Mobile phone use and running red lights are top traffic offenses in Pune.

The Regional Transport Office (RTO) and the traffic police department have joined hands to punish traffic rule violators in the city and also take strict action like suspending driving licenses for three months as part of a special initiative Is going. RTO officials have shared in the recently released data that a total of 698 driving licenses have been suspended for violating various traffic rules between January and June 2023.

The data shows that a large number of riders were found talking on mobile phones while driving and many more were caught jumping signals. According to the RTO, a total of 224 driving licenses were suspended after they were caught talking on mobile phones while driving. Similarly, 205 licenses were canceled for jumping traffic signals. The action of suspending the license is being taken keeping in mind the previous record of the violator and the recommendation of the traffic police department.

A large number of dangerous driving violators were also found whose licenses have been suspended by the RTO. According to officials, 100 licenses have been suspended for dangerous driving, while 67 licenses have been suspended for speeding and 64 licenses for drunk driving.

The RTO suspends the driving license of such violators for a period of three months and imposes a fine of Rs 10,000 if they are found driving during these three months. Traffic officials have punished a total of 99,880 violators for violating various traffic rules in the city between January and August this year and collected a fine of Rs 44 crore from them.

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