Soon, a mobile app will offer real-time information about charging stations.

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) in New Delhi is creating a smartphone app and an online page to deliver real-time data on the closest operational charging stations to drivers of electric vehicles while they are on the road.

The app and online page will give drivers on the go real-time information about the closest active charging stations that are close by on their journey, according to individuals with knowledge of the latest developments.

According to reports, BEE is the main organisation responsible for producing these softwares, and work on them is anticipated to be finished shortly.

In January of this year, the Power Ministry released rules for creating these softwares.

According to sources, the web portal and mobile app that provide real-time data on charging infrastructure will contribute in the improvement of mobility services.

The government is also trying to build modest charging stations across roads, cities, and even villages, as well as to place smart metres on electric poles at certain areas.

Smart cards would be distributed to owners of electric vehicles so they could charge their batteries virtually anywhere.

These chargers, which would include chargers for charging light electric vehicles like two-wheelers and three-wheelers, will be developed by BEE, according to sources.

According to BEE, these chargers will include a built-in feature to measure and record the amount of provided electric energy as well as a feature for charging electric cars following user verification using a mobile app.

According to further sources, these chargers would be installed on electric poles in public parking lots.

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