Mira Bhayandar: The RTO will begin vehicle fitness testing in Kashimira on May 1.

Residents of the twin cities would no longer have to drive 45 kilometers to Nandivali in Kalyan for their motor vehicle testing and fitness needs. From Maharashtra Day, the Regional Transport Office (RTO) Thane will begin conducting fitness checks on automobiles at J.P.Infra in the Ghodbunder neighbourhood of Kashimira (May 1, 2022). The Mira Bhayandar Municipal Corporation (MBMC) agreed to use the facility temporarily in response to a request from the transport commissioner.

From May 1, the RTO will take custody of the unoccupied land and construct a 250 meter braking test track for performing vehicle fitness checks. This was discovered by Shiv Sena Member of Parliament (MP) Pratap Sarnaik, who had been following up with Transport Minister Anil Parab on the matter. The track and other related facilities are housed in a facility near to the RTO sub-center. The track will assure vehicle technical assessment, and unless the vehicle is roadworthy, a fitness clearance will not be provided.

People had to go about 45 kilometers for car passing and fitness work. Sensing the difficulties, I asked Transport Minister Anil Parab to check into the situation, and I'm delighted he did. For the time being, this is a stopgap solution, but my follow-up will continue until appropriate space for a full-fledged RTO unit becomes available in the near future, stated Sarnaik.

Aside from alleviating nearby residents' concerns, the track will lessen traffic congestion and the workload of the current Kalyan unit. A thorough vehicle fitness inspection can help to avoid catastrophes and guarantee the safety of passengers.

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