The Ministry of Transportation made a historic decision: business cars are exempt from tolls.

For those who go by car on the highway, there is good news. According to Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari, government cars, funeral vehicles, vehicles used by the Indian Army, etc., would not be subject to toll taxes, with the exception of private automobiles and commercial vehicles. This has been the case starting in Madhya Pradesh.

According to Gadkari, significant adjustments have been made to the toll tax regulations. Many individuals won't have to pay toll tax under the new regulations. In relation to this, a list has also been released.

Private cars won't be subject to toll taxes:

The state government may independently enact regulations governing the payment of toll taxes, in addition to the federal government. In this subject, a lottery has now been held for the people of Madhya Pradesh. Private cars won't be subject to any toll fees at this location; only commercial vehicles will be required to pay toll fees.

The government first agreed to collect toll taxes from all four-wheeled vehicles, but then changed its mind and opted to only collect toll taxes from business vehicles, according to DM of the Madhya Pradesh Road Development Corporation MH Rizvi. The toll tax tender procedure will be finished within the upcoming month.

These folks won't be responsible for toll fees:

A list of toll tax defaulters has been compiled by the central government. It used to cover only 9 types of persons, but it has now grown to 25. This also includes the funeral procession from a government van to Mandi. These persons won't be required to pay any toll tax of any type.

According to information provided by the state government, vehicles owned by former and current members of the legislature and parliament, as well as non-commercial vehicles, Indian Army vehicles, Indian Topal vehicles, tractor trolleys, auto rickshaws, two-wheelers used for agricultural purposes, and recognised journalists, will all be exempt from toll taxes.

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