Mahindra XUV400 EV faces repeated breakdowns, prompting owner's sit-in protest

A frustrated owner of a Mahindra XUV400 EV in Chromepet, Chennai has taken the drastic step after his three-month-old vehicle broke down thrice, forcing him to take it to a service center each time. After the third breakdown, the owner parked the vehicle at a Mahindra showroom with a banner expressing his disillusionment and loss of faith in the brand. The owner is now planning legal action against the company citing mental distress and unresolved issues.

Despite investing Rs 21 lakh in the car and paying a monthly EMI of Rs 32,000, the owner's experience has left him dissatisfied and disappointed with the lack of support from Mahindra.

The incident reflects a wider trend of Mahindra vehicles. Several customers have taken to social media to express complaints regarding quality issues and defects of their Mahindra cars. Despite the long waiting period for Mahindra vehicles, their quality is not up to the expectations of the customers. Notably, the XUV400 EV has received several complaints, further highlighting these concerns.

Customers have reported various problems with their Mahindra vehicles, including sudden stalling, sensor malfunction, repeated warnings due to door sensor problems, and rattling sounds after driving for a certain distance. These problems have persisted across various models, reflecting a recurring quality issue within the brands lineup.

Mahindras reputation for strong and sturdy vehicles is matched by these quality concerns, which often arise after a relatively short period of use. As customers continue to express their dissatisfaction, brands face the challenge of addressing these issues to restore customer trust and maintain their reputation in the market.

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