Maharashtra plans to establish 17 AI-based Regional Transport Offices

In order to control road accidents and increase road safety in the state, the state government has decided to reduce human interference and use artificial intelligence (AI). AI will be set up in 17 RTOs in the state using artificial intelligence.

The results will come in just 10 seconds after the trial, which will determine whether the driver is eligible for a license.

Human error in 70 percent of accidents

The rate of road accidents caused by human error is more than 70 percent. Hundreds of young people take the test at the same time for two-wheeler licenses. Since the same is true of four-wheelers, human intervention is widespread. There is no guarantee that every driver who gets a license will have the skills to drive a scientific vehicle.

Decision in ten seconds

Vehicle testing teams will be set up for four-wheelers, light vehicles, and heavy vehicles. The test results will be received within 10 seconds of the end of the test using artificial intelligence on the path. Accordingly, a decision will be taken on whether to give the license to the concerned driver. Currently, it takes a driver eight to 10 minutes to test for a license.

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