Maharashtra's ethanol output is anticipated to reach 140 billion liters in 2019: Industry spokesperson for sugar

According to members of the sugar industry, Maharashtra will produce 140 crore litres of ethanol in 2019. Future food demand won't keep up with gasoline usage.

Accordingly, the sugar business in Maharashtra will also be known as the energy industry in the future, according to Jayprakash Dandegavkar, chairman of the National Federation of Co-operative Sugar Factories Limited.

Ethanol is created in sugarmills. Its manufacturing cycle runs from December 1 to November 30. Maharashtra operated 78 units to generate 100.36 crore litres of ethanol in 2020–21.

According to him, 85 companies in the state have produced 75.88 crore litres of ethanol since December 2021.

The output during the next year may total 130 to 140 crore litres. He projects the establishment of 90 ethanol-producing facilities.

Given the restrictions on natural fuel products, sugar-producing enterprises will eventually also create electricity and hydrogen in addition to ethanol, according to Dandegavkar.

He stated, in reference to the state's planned path for ethanol production, "This production expansion is mostly reliant on financing and government regulations coupled with viability and new technology."

According to him, the government must maintain a balance between labors costs, sugar prices, and favorable returns for sugarcane growers.

According to him, this situation prevents the sugar business from continuing its normal expansion.

He urged that the government provide financial support for the manufacturing of ethanol as well.

The "no profit, no loss" philosophy governs the cooperative sugar sector. As a result, it lacks the substantial resources needed to embark on new initiatives, explained he.

A cooperative sugar plant is established with assistance from the government. Similarly, he continued, it need to provide financial support for the manufacture of ethanol.

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