Maharashtra establishes 'faceless RTOs' to assist customers in obtaining six services online.

The Maharashtra government established 'Faceless Regional Transport Offices (RTOs)' on Thursday to assist residents better access sector-related services. Driving licenses and other services would be offered to persons who do not need to physically visit RTOs, according to Minister of State for Transport Satej Patil, who launched the project.

These services, which would be accessible now, will help save paper, he said, adding that to participate in the 'Faceless RTO' initiative, users must have their Aadhaar number linked to their mobile phones.

"The applicant must enrol themselves using Aadhar number verification and a One Time Password (OTP) provided to the registered cellphone number. The application will be completed after verification through the Aadhar site. Six critical services will be offered online. Applicants will not be required to visit Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) for the same," He stated.

People may apply online while sitting at home, saving valuable time. Licences and registration certificates will be mailed to the applicant. This will also save important paper and time because there would be no need to make duplicates of papers, The minister said.

Secondary Registration Certificate, No Objection Certificate, Change of Address on Registration Certificate, Renewal of Driving Licence, Change of Address on Licence, and Renewal of Licence are the six papers that will be supplied, according to him.

This faceless platform will reduce paper because 18 lakh to 20 lakh applications are submitted each year, as well as deliver transparency, speed, and an environmentally friendly interface, according to Patil.

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