Lokayukta raids 13 Bengaluru RTOs over corruption claims.

Lokayukta officials raided 13 regional transport offices (RTOs) across the city in response to corruption allegations. The raid led by Lokayukta Justice KN Phanindra included RTOs of Yesvantpur, Jaynagar, Indiranagar, Gyan Bharati, Yelahanka and other areas. These simultaneous raids were specifically motivated by complaints of irregularities related to involvement of middlemen in RTO-related work and officials giving priority to work facilitated by agents.

Lokayukta Justice BS Patil participated in the raids in Jaynagar and Rajajinagar RTOs, while Upalokayukta Justice led the action in Yelahanka and Yeshwantpur RTOs. During the raid, Lokayukta officials examined the documents and interrogated the RTO officials.

According to Lokayukta, if any irregularity is found, a case will be registered and investigation will be done.


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