List of new regulations: No driving test required for DL.


According to information supplied by the government, you won't have to wait to take the exam at the RTO in order to get a driving licence. You are welcome to apply for a licence at any respectable driving school.


For training facilities for two-wheelers, three-wheelers, and light motor vehicles, a minimum of one acre of land must be available, whereas training facilities for medium and heavy-duty passenger freight vehicles or trailers require two acres.

Trainers must to have a minimum of a high school graduation, five years of driving experience, and a thorough knowledge of traffic laws.

The administration has also suggested a teaching curriculum. The duration of the light vehicle operation course is up to 4 weeks and 29 hours. These driving schools will teach in two phases.

For 21 hours, students must learn how to drive on basic roads, country roads, highways, and city streets, as well as how to park, reverse, and drive uphill and downhill. The course's theoretical component, which will span 8 hours, will include subjects including driving safety, road etiquette, traffic education, comprehending accident causes, first aid, and fuel efficiency.

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