A law to encourage non-fossil fuels is approved by the Lok Sabha.

The Lok Sabha on Monday approved a measure that will require the use of non-fossil energy sources including biomass, ethanol, and green hydrogen.

Power Minister R K Singh introduced the Energy Conservation (Amendment) Law, 2022, claiming that it was "the bill for the future" and pleading with the MPs to pass it.

After the House rejected various modifications proposed by members of the opposition, the bill was ultimately enacted.

According to the Minister, the country is adding renewable energy capacity at the quickest rate in the world.

The Bill imposes fines on manufacturers if a vehicle does not adhere to fuel consumption standards as well as penalties for infractions by industrial units or boats.

According to the Bill's Statement of Objects and Reasons, with the passage of time and in the context of the energy transition with particular focus on the promotion of new and renewable energy and National Green Hydrogen Mission, a need has arisen to further amend the said Act to facilitate the achievement of 'Panchamrit' as five nectar elements presented by India in Conference of Parties -26 in Glasgow last year.

The modifications also aim to encourage the use of renewable energy sources and the creation of a local carbon market.

In order to enable a quicker decarbonization of the Indian economy and support the achievement of sustainable development goals in line with the Paris Agreement, it also aims to introduce novel ideas such as carbon trading and require the use of non-fossil sources.

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