Launch of NeuGo's Inter-City Service

The primary inter-city pan Indian electric mobility coach brand of GreenCell Mobility, NueGo, will provide intercity passengers with a simple booking process, outstanding ride quality, and an exceptional in-cabin experience with this company's initial purpose of creating a new era traveler. On the Bhopal-Indore route, NueGo services are offered at a discounted rate of Rs 349 per seat.

In order to provide intercity travelers with a pleasant and comfortable trip, NueGo coaches are equipped with a tones of technology. The sofas would go from Bhopal to Indore every hour. In addition to Star Square, Radisson Square, Vijay Nagar, and Sarwate bus stop in Indore, the Bhopal route will also include Bhopal Railway Station, Lal Ghati, and Sehore. The NueGo coaches undergo 25 thorough safety inspections, including mechanical and electrical tests. Sanitation before each journey and breathalyzer checks for coach drivers are further safety measures. Additionally, drop point geolocation, coach tracking, and monitored in-coach Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) monitoring are all offered by NueGo services.

In heavy traffic, the NueGo electric coaches can go 250 kilometers on a single charge, even with the air conditioners on. Before the debut, the coaches had already completed two lakh kilometers of testing on the road. In addition, the NueGo crew is pleasant and well-trained. The business will also provide client help & luggage management services, as well as luxury lounges for a few cities. In addition, they will serve a specially crafted food and beverage menu on board and in the lounges. With so many options, NueGo is prepared to give intercity passengers a "Travel First Class" experience. The business is also preparing services for the roads between Delhi and Chandigarh and Delhi and Dehradun.

Director of GreenCell Mobility Satish Mandhana said, "On intercity routes, NueGo wants to encourage the use of environmentally friendly public transportation that emits no tailpipe emissions. With its World Class electric bus services, NueGo will offer a comprehensive travel experience."

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