Launch of the Lexus Certified Program for Used Car Sales in India.

In India, the Lexus Certified Program was launched. It will provide a thorough 203-point examination and Lexus certification for used Lexus vehicles as part of an exclusive programme for Lexus owners.

Both Lexus owners and potential buyers of Lexus Pre-owned vehicles will benefit from the Lexus Certified Program.

The features that Lexus Certified will offer are exclusive and market-first. With pre-owned Lexus vehicles, a thorough warranty up to 24 months or 30,000 kilometres will be provided. Additionally, buyers who purchase Lexus certified pre-owned vehicles may take advantage of up to 3 additional services. After a careful examination of the documentation, level of quality, and service history for each Lexus vehicle participating in the program, the vehicle will be certified.

Mr. Naveen Soni, President of Lexus India, commented on this occasion and said, Worldwide, Lexus automobiles are famous for their elegance and dependability. We are bringing an additional degree of confidence for our visitors in India with the Lexus Certified Program. A guarantee of up to 24 months is offered by the certification program with proper quality, paperwork, and servicing.

The brand's presence in India will be further strengthened by this certification program, which will also improve the experience of owning a Lexus overall. Since we started our adventure in India, our main focus has been on offering an exceptional ownership experience overall, said Soni.

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