Launch of a new inverter with 800V technology by GKN Automotive

The next-generation inverter has been introduced by GKN Automotive, a major producer of driveline components, giving An Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) access to cutting-edge electric vehicle technology.

The improved product has a variety of lightweight and energy-efficient upgrades to offer performance and improved sustainability. The inverter, one of three modular components that make up Guest, Keen & Nettlefolds (GKN) Automotive's eDrive platform, provides a 20% increase in power output over the last model. Additionally, the power-to-weight ratio increases by 60%, the power density increases by 50%, and the copper content decreases by 63%.

The use of 800V technology, which will result in quicker charging times, larger batteries, and higher performance for future electric cars, is a significant breakthrough.

According to a GKN Automotive prediction, the majority of commercially available electric vehicles will use the technology by 2025. The newest inverter is also compatible with existing 400V systems to provide OEMs total flexibility on current cars.

"The performance we have been able to offer with the new inverter is a critical next step in our aim to build a cleaner, more sustainable future," said Christoph Gillen, Director of Systems Engineering at GKN Automotive.

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