Know the latest RTO laws and restrictions for importing luxury cars into India.

With numerous businesses establishing formal bases in India, it is quickly becoming a hotspot for unique and high-end automobiles. However, as shown with Tesla, introducing a brand to India through the correct channels is difficult, which poses a dilemma for international car customers. Here's when the import path comes in handy! Importing automobiles takes a long time and costs a lot of money, yet it is the only option to get a vehicle that isn't accessible anywhere else.

The Department of Commerce and Industry, the Directorate General of Foreign Trade, and the Department of Export-Import Policy are all responsible for importing cars. As a result, while importing the car, it is required to follow the RTO's laws and instructions. Let's go through some of the typical needs before we go into the standards.

Vehicles can only be imported into India from the nation in which they were manufactured (RTO rule):

  • In India, the speedometer shall indicate kilometers per hour (km/h) in accordance with the metric system.
  • The imported automobile must be right-hand drive exclusively, according to traffic laws.

Apart from the fundamental automobiles stated previously, there are two sorts of imported vehicles, each with its own set of norms and restrictions. Here's how each edition's regulations differ.

  1. car that has recently been imported.
  2. To be deemed a new import, an imported vehicle must meet all of the RTO's qualifying criteria:

    • The car, as well as its components, should not have been built or assembled in India.
    • Prior to importing, it cannot be registered in any nation other than India.
    • Before being brought into India, the vehicle must have never been used or leased in another nation.

    The certificate of conformity, along with proof of compliance, must be filed six months before to the vehicle's importation, and it must adhere to the Central Motor Vehicles Rules (CMVR) of 1989.

  3. Imported Vehicles That Have Been Used (RTO rule).
  4. The following conditions must be completed to qualify as a used imported vehicle:

    • Vehicles must be no more than three years old.
    • The motor vehicle must adhere to the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988.

Dealers and importers must present a certificate from a vehicle testing organization stating that the imported vehicle has been tested and meets the original homologation certificate as part of the import procedure.

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