Multiple restrictions were broken by Komban buses, RTO notifies owner.

The Komban buses were inspected by the local road transport officer, who discovered numerous infractions. The legally required speed governors are not present in the buses. The rules are not followed when making license plates. RTO has discovered that despite the warning, the unique smoke-producing apparatus has not been taken out. Although one of the two buses under inspection had a speed governor, it was not working properly.

Another infraction of the guidelines is black paper stuck to the window panes. The Pandalam native owner Jayapillai will receive notification from the RTO to make the necessary modifications. As part of the inquiry into a bus fire disaster that occurred at Perumon Engineering College while the group was on a college tour, the inspection was done. The bus caught fire after the kids let off firecrackers on its roof. The motor vehicles division then fined the owner Rs 36,000. The HC had asked for a thorough examination of the bus.

Keralan college students are major fans of the Komban buses.

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