Kerala Vehicle Owners Frustrated with New RC Issuance Hurdles.

Thiruvananthapuram: Vehicle owners in the state are facing challenges due to complexities in issuing new vehicle registration certificates (RC) in the revised format, resulting in paying multiple application fees. The Kerala Motor Vehicles Department (MVD) has started issuing advanced RC documents in the international format from October 4. The Driving License-Registration Certificate Printing Station at Thevara has been tasked with printing these certificates for new vehicles registered in the state.

The problem stems from the software used at the printing station, which can only process one application at a time to print a driver's license. As a result, if a vehicle owner submits applications for both Ownership Transfer and Vehicle Conversion together, the software treats them as separate applications. As a result, the software generates RC books only for ownership transfer applications. Subsequently, the applicant is forced to pay additional application fees for conversion of vehicle and obtain a new RC book. Notably, each application requires a fee of Rs 200.

Additionally, owners of autorickshaws and transport vehicles are facing confusion over the absence of temporary address and inclusion of fare meter and speed governor numbers in online records. MVD's reasoning for abandoning temporary addresses is stated to be space constraints. If the record includes any temporary address, it will be printed on the new RC book. However, in cases where the vehicle owner or license holder cannot be traced, the RC books will be returned to Thevara. As a result, applicants have to go to the printing station to collect their RC book.

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