A Kerala guy was fined for not wearing a "helmet" in the car.

A car owner was fined Rs 500 by Kerala Traffic Police for failing to properly wear a helmet – a humorous occurrence, but a problem for the individual impacted, who now needs to seek the authorities to get the error remedied.

Ajith A, who owns merely a Maruti Alto automobile, had an unpleasant surprise recently: a Rs 500 challan for "driving or causing or allowing a motorbike to be driven by wearing a protective headgear not properly connected to the wearer's head (helmet) (chin strap)."

This is what the challan dated December 7, 2021 claimed, and as proof, the challan depicts two persons riding a bike, one of them is without wearing a helmet.

At the same time, the challan specifies that the vehicle is a'motor automobile, and the registration number is KL21D9877, which belongs to Ajith. The blunder appears to have happened because the registration of the motorcycle, which appears to be KL21D9811 in the photograph attached to the challan, appears to be KL21D9811.

Ajith, on the other hand, has chosen to submit a complaint with the Motor Vehicles Department to handle the situation. While contacted, police stated that it might be the result of a clerical or typographical error when entering the registration number into the system.

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