International Road Federation asks the government to remove the GST surcharge on helmets.

New Delhi: In order to save the lives of two-wheeler riders, the International Road Federation, a global organization dedicated to promoting road safety, urged finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman to remove the GST imposed on helmets on Monday. The current GST rate that is applicable to helmets is 18%.

In a letter to the finance minister, former president of the International Road Federation (IRF) K K Kapila stated that road accidents are a global threat and that India accounts for around 11% of all fatalities due to this preventable cause.

"According to road safety experts, there should be no GST on helmets to reduce the number of fatalities in traffic accidents by 50% by 2025, much before the end of 2030," he said.

According to Kapila, "This will help reduce not only the number of two-wheeler riders who die in traffic accidents but also the staggering GDP loss caused by traffic accidents in our economy."

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