India's first environmentally friendly hydrogen fueling station is anticipated to open in Leh.

The first green hydrogen fueling station in India will open before May of next year. It is being built near Leh, in the Union Territory of Ladakh. The state-run NTPC is organizing the groundbreaking project.

Amara Raja Power Systems, a division of the $1.3 billion Amara Raja Group, was given the project's contract by the power producer in June.

"The project's implementation has already commenced. We are now choosing electrolyzer manufacturers after nearly finishing the engineering portion. By April or May of next year, the project should be finished," in a conversation with ETEnergyworld, Dwarakanadha Reddy, Business Head, Amara Raja Power Systems.

As part of the initiative, water will be electrolyzed using renewable energy to separate it into hydrogen and oxygen, producing green hydrogen. At 3,600 meters above sea level, where temperatures range from minus 14 to plus 20 degrees Celsius, the project is being built up.

"We have examined every supplier of electrolysers. Due to the high altitude of the Leh-Ladakh region, we must guarantee that the equipment performs as intended. That is crucial " Added Reddy.

The trial project will generate 80 kg of 99.97% pure hydrogen every day, which will be compressed, stored, and released. Five hydrogen fuel cell buses will be operated in the area by NTPC. According to Reddy, the business must generate green electricity for the manufacture of hydrogen and supply hydrogen to the buses for three years.

Amara Raja intends to compete on green hydrogen projects for industrial purposes in the future, even if the Leh project would employ green hydrogen for transportation.

In July of last year, NTPC's wholly-owned subsidiary NTPC Renewable Energy Ltd (NTPC REL) launched the project's tender. To totally green the hydrogen fueling station, NTPC REL is also installing a 1.25 Mw solar power plant.

The project's successful conclusion is anticipated to relieve the Union Territory of Ladakh's surface transportation problems and usher India into the exclusive club of nations utilising green hydrogen for transportation purposes.

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