India will raise the pace of automobile crash tests to match faster traffic.

India seeks to strengthen automobile safety standards and will accelerate crash tests as improved roads increase the probability of quicker cars being involved in accidents and contributing to one of the world's highest car-crash death tolls.

The Road Transport Ministry has released a 197-page draught of its intention to create a new safety rating system. The draught is likely to be completed in the following weeks.

Indian automobiles are getting quicker as roads improve, thus they must be tested at greater speeds to meet international standards, according to a government official involved in the change.

Indian road safety regulations must be on level with the rest of the globe, said the official, who declined to be identified because he is not authorised to speak to the media. According to the ministry's suggestion, the speed at which a car passes a crash test will be increased from 56 kph to 64 km/h (40 mph), in accordance with a global standard (35 mph).

India, the world's fourth-largest vehicle market, has some of the world's most dangerous roadways. According to government figures, more over 133,000 persons were killed in 355,000 traffic accidents in 2020.

The ministry has suggested a star grading system for automobiles based on multiple tests, including a front and side crash. The government thinks that the new approach would persuade automakers to include modern safety measures in return for a higher grade.

The scheme, which will go into force in April of next year, is one of numerous efforts taken by India to improve road safety. In addition, the government has suggested mandating six airbags in all automobiles, up from two now.

The new approach, according to Gaurav Vangaal, assistant director for light vehicle production prediction at Standard and Poor (S&P) Global Mobility, will make automobiles safer since firms will have to improve their vehicle structure to earn a good grade, but it will also make them more expensive.

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