India Introduces First-Ever Electric Conversion of Rear-Wheel Drive Maruti 800 Hatchback

The Maruti 800 holds an honored place in India's automotive history, known for its affordability. Made from 1983 to 2014, it remains popular and convertible. A recent YouTube video by Viptronix India converts an old Maruti 800 into a rear-wheel-drive (RWD) electric car.

The video, uploaded by the vlogger, details the modifications made. An EV conversion kit was fitted within three days, although accuracy was affected by congestion. The battery pack is located in the engine bay in place of the conventional components. While compact due to budget constraints, more batteries can be added for extended range. A crossbar secures the battery pack for safety.

The engine bay is now empty, with the wiring neatly organized. The air conditioning unit was removed. Moving the motor to the rear axle made the car India's first rear-wheel-drive 800 hatchback. The front batteries balance the weight. The controller sits in the trunk. Inside, a separate key ignites the motor. Normal electrical components work.

The factory accelerator was replaced with a conversion kit. A switch manages forward and reverse, and the gear lever provides three acceleration levels. While such modifications can be problematic, some workshops offer RTO-approved conversion kits for those considering electric vehicle conversion.

It is important to note that although many workshops do such conversions, not all are approved by the Regional Transport Office (RTO), which can potentially lead to legal issues. Quality concerns can arise with wiring, batteries, and motors. In this particular case, the modifications lack precision. Some Indian workshops offer approved conversion kits, which ensure better results for those looking to electrify their vehicles.

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