In Mumbai, the price of auto-CNG has increased by Rs 4.

In Mumbai, the price of automotive Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) gas has been raised by Rs 4 per kilogramme as of tonight. According to Mahanagar Gas Ltd., the price of natural gas delivery has risen by 110%. City distributors of (MGL) have raised the price of auto-CNG by Rs 4 per kilogram. Piped Natural Gas (PNG) gas, on the other hand, did not rise. CNG prices have risen for the third time since April 4.

There is no rise in PNG.

According to MGL, the price of CNG in Mumbai would now be about Rs 3 per kilogram as effective tonight. The state government decreased Value Added Tax (VA)T rates from 12.5% to 9% between April 1 and 6, but CNG prices have risen by Rs 15 per kilogram since then.

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