In March, fuel sales topped the Corona East level.

In March, 26.90 lakh tones of petrol, 70.50 lakh tones of diesel, and 4.91 lakh tones of aviation fuel were sold.

The economy recovered in March with the release of restrictions on stocks and the lifting of sanctions on corona due to rising costs, causing gasoline sales in the country to return to the prior level of corona.

Consumers, in addition to dealers, filled their tanks in the first two weeks of March. Fearing that prices will rise as a result of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, consumers began purchasing petrol. The daily increase in fuel and diesel prices begun on March 9, although it has been gradual. Price rises may have an impact on consumption.

According to the statistics, state-owned gasoline merchants sold 26.90 lakh tones in March, jumping 8.70% from the previous year and 14.20% from the previous month. Government-owned merchants control around 90% of the country's fuel market. In March, sales of the most commonly used diesel in the country increased by 10.10% year on year to 70.50 lakh tones. This is a 5% increase over March 2019.

In March, sales of jet fuel - Aviation Turbine Fuel (ATF) increased by 9.80% year on year to 31,500 tones. However, sales are down 27.60% from this month last year. With the complete resumption of air travel, jet fuel sales are expected to rise in the following days.

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