In Agra, 60 thousand automobiles were scrapped.

Vehicles older than 15 years are not permitted to operate in the Taj Trapezium Zone (TTZ), therefore the registration of over 60 thousand private two-wheelers and four-wheelers at Agra's Divisional Transport Office was revoked on Saturday.

Despite the fact that the term of suspension of registration for these cars had expired on March 31, their information was posted on the portal. Following receipt of this information, their records were withdrawn from the portal and they were declared junk on the RTO's directives. At the same time, such automobiles, which fall outside the ambit of TTZ, are being designated junk by the Regional Transport Office (RTO) department.

RTO Agra has registered 45 thousand two-wheelers and 15 thousand four-wheelers in the district through November 2021. The owners of these automobiles were also served with notifications to register their vehicles in non-TTZ districts. At the same time, the department delayed their registration for six months so that people may have their vehicles registered in other districts by obtaining a No Objection Certificate, although only a few thousand private drivers received No Objection Certificates (NOC) even after this.

The registration of these automobiles was supposed to be terminated on March 31, but the government extended the deadline by 20 days. Despite this, they did not call the RTO, and they were declared junk on Saturday.

In 2018, about one lakh private automobiles registered in RTO Agra before to 2005 were declared junk for the first time. Every year since then, automobiles over the age of 15 have been designated as junk. If they are discovered on the road, they will be confiscated and destroyed by RTO enforcement teams.

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