If your car does not have a high-security number plate, be prepared to fill out a challan for Rs 5,000. Do you know how to apply?

In two-wheeler and four-wheeler private cars, a high security number is now required. The unique aspect of this is that the last date for automobiles with a last digit of 0 or 1 will be November 15, 2021. Similarly, number plates will need to be affixed on separate dates based on the final digit of the cars; otherwise, a fine of up to Rs 5000 may be imposed for checking.

The fact that the booking receipts of vehicle owners who have booked High Security Registration Plates (HSRP) will be valid is a source of relief. However, no challan action has been launched against the high security number. However, in order to ensure the safety of the vehicle, private automobiles will be required to have number plates installed. The date of HSRP imposition has not changed, according to Additional Transport Commissioner Devendra Singh.

Booking can be done anywhere :

There is no need to be concerned if your vehicle is registered outside of Lucknow in another district of Uttar Pradesh. You can get a number plate put from anyplace if you order a high security number. Booking of high security numbers on automobiles registered in states other than Uttar Pradesh would not be possible.

Apply the Following steps:

  • High-security number plates can also be placed from the comfort of one's own home.
  • In the online application, there will be two alternatives for this.
  • First, visit Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers from the comfort of your own home, and then visit the showroom of the firm whose automobile is on display.
  • This necessitates the use of the vehicle's RC.
  • You would have to pay an extra price of Rs 100 for two wheelers and Rs 200 for four wheelers if you have it installed at home.
  • By visiting the showroom, there will be no additional charges for installation.

Schedule according to the last digit of the number



    till 15 November 2021


    by 15 February 2022


    by 15 May 2022


    by 15 August 2022


    15 November 2022

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