If the DL is not made within a year, this drastic measure will be done.

Drivers must now be attentive or risk having their pockets emptied. If the driving licence (DL) application procedure is not completed within a year, the cost will be forfeited to the applicants as a fine. The instructions of the Additional Transport Commissioner have been issued. In such a case, the job of compiling a list of such candidates will begin the next week.

In fact, a substantial number of pending DL applications may be seen on the Transport Department's Sarathi Portal. Thousands of applicants have submitted the funds after uploading the paperwork, but are failing to appear at the RTO office to obtain the DL by making an appointment. Recently, the government level has been summoned to respond to outstanding petitions. Examination found that the problem is the result of the applicants' carelessness. During the Corona period, despite constantly raising the validity of the licence, a substantial proportion of applicants were unable to get the DL. Following this information, the officers of the Transport Headquarters ordered that the fees of such applicants be forfeited in stages.

The task of compiling the list has been assigned to you: Following the Additional Transport Commissioner's directives, the Data Base Assistant (DBA) of each RTO and Assistant RTO office has been tasked with compiling a list of applicants. This work is likewise anticipated to be finished by the end of next week. Following that, the application will be terminated when the fees for the outstanding cases have been forfeited.

By booking a time window, you can save money: According to RTO authorities, after the cost is forfeited, applicants must reapply for a learning or permanent DL. However, candidates can save money if they choose a different time period. To do so, individuals must complete the time slot process on the Sarathi site by entering their application number and date of birth.

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